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About the Conference

When Religion Meets Science: Introducing Science-and-Religion Research for Secondary Religious Education

7-8 June 2019. New College, University of Edinburgh.

This two-day conference explores key issues in the interaction between science and religion for those engaged in secondary religious education (RE and RME). What are some of the new areas of debate in the dialogue between religion and science? How can we more constructively discuss the relationship between science and religion in the classroom? Is religious faith and science in conflict with one another? Where is there harmony or tension between scientific explanations and religious belief?

This event is aimed at people who engage these questions in secondary schools and at those who study to become RE/RME professionals. However, anyone interested in emerging areas of debate between religion and science will also benefit from this conference. All are welcome.

We offer several bursaries for travel and accommodation.

Invited speakers include:

Dr. Kevin Corcoran (Professor of Philosophy. Calvin College)

Dr. Michael Fuller (Teaching Fellow in Theology and Science. University of Edinburgh)

Dr. Mark Harris (Senior Lecturer in Science and Religion. University of Edinburgh)

Mr. Finley Lawson (Research Fellow in Learning about Science and Religion. Canterbury Christ Church University)

Dr. Joanna Leidenhag (Research Fellow in Theology and Science. University of St. Andrews)

Dr. Sarah Lane Ritchie (Lecturer in Theology and Science. University of Edinburgh)

Conference organisers: Dr. Mikael Leidenhag (University of Edinburgh). Dr. Mark Harris (University of Edinburgh).  Email:


Made possible through the generous support of The John Templeton Foundation:


In partnership with:











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